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Penny Stock Signal: XELA
Report Date: 01-25-2022
Company: Exela Technologies, Inc. (XELA)
Sector: Technology
Industry: Software—Application

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Exela Technologies, Inc. (XELA)
2701 E Grauwyler Rd
Irving, TEXAS
Phone: 18449352832
Website: http://www.exelatech.com
CEO: Mr. Ronald Cogburn

XELA, Exela Technologies, Inc.

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NASDAQ, Nasdaq Capital Market

Company Profile

Exela Technologies, Inc. engages in the provision of transaction processing solutions and enterprise information management. The company is headquartered in Irving, Texas and currently employs 21,000 full-time employees. The Company’s segments include Information and Transaction Processing Solutions (ITPS), Healthcare Solutions (HS) and Legal & Loss Prevention Services (LLPS). ITPS provides industry solutions for banking and financial services, including lending solutions for mortgages, banking solutions for clearing, anti-money laundering, sanctions, cross-border settlement; property and casualty insurance solutions for enrollments, and communications. The HS segment offerings include integrated accounts payable and accounts receivable, and information management for both the healthcare payer and provider markets. The LLPS segment solutions include processing of legal claims for class action and mass action settlement administrations, involving project management support, notification and collection, analysis, and distribution of settlement funds.

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