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Gainer Signal for 05-20-2022
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Gainer Stock Signal: ATCX
Report Date: 05-20-2022
Company: Atlas Technical Consultants, Inc. (ATCX)
Sector: Industrials
Industry: Engineering & Construction

ATCX Technical Analysis

Company Contact

Atlas Technical Consultants, Inc. (ATCX)
13215 Bee Cave Parkway, Building B, Suite 230
Austin, TEXAS 78738
Phone: 15125753637
Website: http://www.oneatlas.com
CEO: Mr. L. Joe Boyer

ATCX, Atlas Technical Consultants, Inc.

ATCX Atlas Technical Consultants, Inc. Logo Image

NASDAQ, Nasdaq Global Select

Company Profile

Atlas Technical Consultants, Inc. provides professional and technical testing, inspection engineering, and consulting services in the United States. The company provides a range of technical services, helping clients test, inspect, plan, design, certify, and manage various projects across various end markets. Its testing, inspection, and consulting services include materials engineering and testing, construction quality assurance, disaster response and recovery, and environmental services; and engineering, planning, and design services comprise engineering and design services, program management, and construction support services. The company offers its solutions to public and private sector clients in the transportation, commercial, water, government, education, and industrial markets. Atlas Technical Consultants, Inc. is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

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